Prophet Muhammad – A Prophet Sent From God

Prophet Muhammad

Imagine a society full of sin where people worship idols, prostitution and adultery is everywhere, the strong eats the weak and people bury their daughters alive because they consider having daughters a shame. A man from this society who is known by his honesty and good manner calls his people to stop worshipping idols and worship God alone, he tells them that all human beings are equal, there is no difference between the white and the black or the poor and the rich except through piety and obedience to God. He orders them to be just, to stop adultery, to help the poor, to stop murder. He orders them to believe in him as a prophet from God. He tells them that God will account them of everything they do after they die, and either they shall eternally go either to Paradise or to Hell.

Many people began to believe in that man, and his call was highly accepted by many people. But at the same time, those who had interest to leave the current situation as it is began to fight him. They began to spread rumors on him that he is a magician. They said that he came to disturb the community and create unrests through his calls. They said that he is rebelling against the traditions of the society. Then they began to torture him and his followers by different means of torture. But still the people believing in him are still increasing.

“If you want money, we shall give you money. If you want to be a king, we shall make you our king. If you want women, we shall give you women.” This was the offer given to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) from his tribe to stop his call. If Prophet Muhammad wanted money or authority through his people, would he reject this appealing offer? The case is that he rejected this offer, because he wasn’t interested in any of these.

“We shall help you against your people who fought you, and we will make you our leader and you can spread Islam the way you want on condition that we shall succeed you after you die.” This was another offer given to Prophet Muhammad from another Arab tribe. If Prophet Muhammad really wanted authority and leadership through his call, he won’t have been concerned about what shall happen after his death. But the answer of Prophet Muhammad was clear: “The whole affair is in the hands of Allah who shall give power to whom He likes”.

Prophet Muhammad refused all the offers that may give him advantage and authority in this world on the expense of the call to Islam. He stood against tortures, rumors and intimidation and never lost his trust in God because he didn’t seek any advantage in this world. He was only seeking the pleasure of God. He was concerned that all people shall be saved from Hell. He wasn’t only calling people who shall give him authority or who can help him, but he called the weak and the poor. He called even people who were dying and whom he knows that they won’t help him at all, but he just wanted to save them from Hell before they die. This is Prophet Muhammad, and this is his call.

Jesus is Muslim


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