Does the Bible really have evidence through manuscripts?

This photo is for the oldest fragment that contains some verses in Gospel #John. It’s called (John Ryland’s) manuscript and #Christians say that it refers to about 125 AD, which is about 50 years from the date Christians says that it is the date of writing the #Gospel. So we actually have at least 50 years gap from the suggested date of writing the #Gospels. And these are only some words in about 5 verses not the whole Gospel, as the oldest manuscript for the complete#Newtestament is about 240 years from the suggested writing date.

We don’t know what happened through these years, manipulation and distortion of the message of Jesus during these 240 years is very easy especially when we know that many Christian sects, beliefs and tens (may be even hundreds) of gospels were already present at this time, we cannot conclude who was true and who was false, and that’s why we cannot trust the Bible, simply because it lacks evidence. When we compare this with the science of Isnad in the Quran and Sunna where gaps is not accepted at all we can understand how #God preserved the Quran.

Do Bible Manuscripts Prove its authenticity?

John Rylands


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